February 22, 2014


Every time I go into my Match.com account to delete it I am so amused by what has happened and the letters I get, that I can't bring my self to delete it. I don't own a TV or have Cable or TIVO or whatever you all use now, so I keep this as pure entertainment!

Lastest update:

Have not been on in about 3 weeks to a month again. 

I have the 8-12 typical letters telling me I am either too old, too fat, to ugly or people are intimidated by my profile. Not really anything I care to reply to and then WHAM today I log on and another pure comedic set of letters.

This profile is simply called "CHOCOLATE" and I appear to have no less than 5 emails spanning a 10 day period.

5 quick notes or attachments over the last three weeks almost every 4 days or so each with another bizarre picture attached with Chocolate holding a different animal all dressed up in matching outfits.

Oh my god I am crying I am laughing so hard.

First letter, (edited of course), and no I'm not kidding!

"You are warned...the following pictures are graphic and 100 percent real. Your profile is lengthy and detailed and I want to know you!" (there were no pictures attached.)

Second letter, one day later:

No letter! Just a picture of Chocolate and a cat, the two of them dressed in matching and very bizarre, yet detailed sunflower outfits!

Third letter:

"Whadathink?" and the following..."I warned you!" And a picture of a really fat, mangey looking dog and this time both of them dressed sort of like some kind of strange royalty!

Fourth letter:

"More to come. These are most current." I'm not really sure at this point but a different animal, honestly not sure what it is to be certain but both of them dressed as wizards...I think!

And finally:

10 days after the initial letter. Chocolate is smoking a cigarette and so is the other "new" dog. This time dressed as Women I think. No other real words or letter but a stuffed animal is also in the shot! My profile also states, "Absolutely no smokers!"

Yes I remain single and plan to permanently...ANY QUESTIONS?
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