December 11, 2013


I love my life....

I was walking down the freezing cold streets of Manhattan tonight and two people stopped me at two different times to say hello and thank you! They recognized me saying how much they appreciated speeches I have given or my events for The Art of Active Networking, and how it has helped them! It happened three times in San Francisco last week too. So grateful.

As dumb as this may sound, if any one of my words, thoughts, actions or events can help someone do a little better, resolve a struggle, shift direction or inspire them to help someone else, then it's worth all the naysayers and those who try to cut down or criticize what I am trying to do.

Thanks to each of you who do the very same thing each and every day. Those who try, I believe, have the greatest chance at making a positive impact. Those who complain or are idle, are simply holding back the inevitable good that can come from those trying!

Keep helping each other not just this season, but as part of your life plan!
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