October 16, 2013


Not everyone is going to get it...you reach out, you offer to help you  genuinely want to help someone and collaborate and they automatically recoil so untrusting, and insecure that they miss a massive opportunity.

I don't need anything except for you to help those around you do better and to spread the word for me on how they can. I have my companies, my life, my ideas, my brain, my creativity and my own money and relationships! Hell, I even have my own wines and play pretty damn well in the sandbox sharing my bucket and my wines! LOL

So sad the habits and the stories we weave!!!!

Stand up, put that crap in the third drawer, lock it away and don't look back, because you know what?


THE ART OF ACTIVE NETWORKING is only about helping you do better and helping you to help others do better. Play nice, share, give, smile and hug. And as the great Robert Fulghum sez...take a daily nap!

Join us!

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