October 1, 2013


So grateful today for the amazing diversity, love, sharing and caring that surrounds me each and every moment in my scattered online and offline life! It's not a normal life and I know it. Living in multiple places and equally comfortable in my homes, in Seat 3E or on a bar stool chatting with a total stranger, because I have never met a stranger. I simply don't care, because I am happy with who I am and where I am at any given moment.

Each day I am blessed and grateful to meet the widest diversity of folks from around the world of anyone I know. People suffering, people giving, people creating, people stuck, people long ago unstuck, people joyful, people angry, people so happy, so passionate and so proud! So many dreamers and doers in my life, amazing ideas, amazing journeys all around me. And each special moment the music on loud, jokes and smiles flowing and my wits about me hoping to create another memorable day.

Each and every moment you have an opportunity to engage in life, to engage and meet new people, to help them, to inspire them, to be inspired and to alter your course for tomorrow or stay steady on the one you have created for yourself!

Luck and fate do not exist, blind faith is just that...Blind! You and you alone create your path, it is unique to you, it is special, it is golden and don't ever let anyone try to sway you from your own and perfect internal compass!

Live a powerful life, care about what you do deeply and make sure you are stirring up plenty of dust along the way. It means you are moving forward!


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