September 7, 2013


I have known what my passionate purpose is for decades, I have followed it with vigor and deep interest for over 30 years, I have worked 120 hour weeks, learned to become a great juggler, traveler, instigator and motivator.  If anyone who had tried to derail me, oh so many times had won, I would have missed out on an extraordinary life.

Do not let anyone tell you you Can't, you Shouldn't you Won't or Don't! Not ever!!!!!! Those are words and constructs designed to stall, tear you down or mislead you. Your own intuition is your perfect compass. Every single decision you make is the perfect choice for that moment. After all who would make a bad decision on purpose?

Design your destiny, be creative in it's implementation and for gods sake enjoy the ride....every moment of it!

It will be hard, lonely, singular at times and joyful, engaged and thrilling at other times. That relativity! You can't know the joy without the disappointment, you cannot know success without failure, and you cannot create without having long dry spells absent of amazing ideas.

And if anyone tries to bully you into their way call me and we'll get you back on track, we'll surround you with CREATIVE NUTRITION and THE ART OF ACTIVE NETWORKING concepts that will feed you, inspire you and help you to find and thrive within your passionate sweet center!

Make your ideas your reality and your reality your amazing life!

Oh and welcome to Fall!
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