September 10, 2013


Why in the world should you network?

We certainly tend to network when we need something don't we?  We get laid off, we have recently moved, we changed jobs and don't know many people, we are tired of talking to our cat, we're simply shy or biggest of all we are too arrogant to think it's for us!

Well those are just a few of the reasons I hear daily.

But you want to know the ONLY reason to network?  It's so you can figure out how to use your resources to help others do better.  They in turn will help you now or in the future.  And that my friends is why you network. We constantly come from this messed up place of NEED and WANT, and if you insist on existing there you will never get what you need or want...I PROMISE!

Come from a point of giving, of sharing your network and your resources, take pride in who you are, what you know, and share it with the world.

Over 300 times now in the last 4 years people have said to me, "Mark, I think you're awesome, but I really don't want to come to your events for THE ART OF ACTIVE NETWORKING, I don't need that crap. I HATE NETWORKING!"  And I say, "Well it's not for everyone, but it benefits everyone." And each of those 300 people have eventually become part of the over 9000 people who have attended worldwide! When I see them walk in I am always a little surprised, so naturally I ask. "Thought this was not for you?" The responses range from well my Wife lost her job...I lost my job...I need someone who can...I need help...I hate my career... My Partner and I are looking for...I need to change something up and thought I would give you a shot.

And to each of them all I say is "WELCOME HERE, NOW GO MEET MY FRIENDS."

So I hope you will also come meet my friends, join our network, get ACTIVE and post on my walls for The Art of Active Networking. Reviews, testimonials, links and all you need to buy a ticket are here on our site: http://www.TheArtofActiveNetworking.com

And unlike the Stock-market, you have noting to lose and everything to gain September 16th THE BOX SF and September 24th in NYC at Resette Restaurant

I hope your week is spectacular, productive and connected!
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