August 15, 2013

What are you going to do with this next three days?

So you have this huge weekend ahead...how are you going to use it? With all the options ahead what's gonna fill your next three days?

Weekends used to be for chillin', BBQ's, Pools, Friends, Dates, Time alone and a myriad of things we did not get done during the week.  And for many of you I suppose this still rings true. But based on the conversations I have had in the last few months with scores and scores of folks across the USA and Canada, weekends now seem to be for hard focused work, catching up, and have become as stress filled as our weekdays.

I'm always the advocate for work hard and play harder, but it concerns me to see people I care about struggle so hard.

So...are you struggling or floating in the pool without a care in the world?

I'd like you to think about it this weekend whether you are horizontal in a hammock or nose to the grindstone, I'd like you to reach out to your friends no matter how buried you are and connect with them, share the load and your stories, reach out and offer a little help and think of what you can do for them with all that immense talent you have inside you.

Someone said to me recently "Mark, how to you do all the crap you do?" ..."There are not enough hours in the day."  Well I replied  "We make time for what we care about, for what is important to us." Some of us workout 4 hours a day, others attend that first Soccer game. Some of us go to wine tastings and become alcoholics and others are workaholics. No matter what you love to do or how you choose to fill those precious hours, I hope you'll find time for yourself, and then find time to share yourself with others.

Our relationships are the real treasures in our lives. Helping each other within those relationships are critical to our very survival. Label is as you like but I call it The ART of Active Networking. My kind of Networking is about giving not getting.  Monday night come practice it with us, then share with me how you spent this amazing weekend ahead!


We want you to do better! Join us!
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