August 6, 2013



Many of us Fall from time to time, and once a year we enter Fall as the seasons begin to turn towards Winter. Certainly less noticeable for those of us in San Francisco since it seems to be terminal Fall here anyway, but an inevitable change to be sure.

I was thinking about the word Fall this week because I was speaking with a Chinese born friend who was talking about how hard English is to master. I said yes it is because we have so many meanings for the same spelling of the same word.

Then I started thinking about Fall.

We fall from grace all the time, we mess up, we are no longer the leader or the inspiration we once were. We hear about those who have fallen daily in the news. We have become totally passive about it as we watch our Celebrities and Politician's screw it all up and trip.

We physically watch children and our elderly fall all the time and most of us run to their aid helping them up. Somehow we classify them differently because we perceive they need us more.

And we metaphorically watch people fall every single day and we really do nothing, in fact instead of helping them up, we kick them while they are down, tease them a bit or make fun of them lashing out behind their back. We treat them with less respect as if they somehow are lessor because of that fall.

Well how about this Fall we switch it up? How about each and EVERY time we see someone fall either physically, mentally, emotionally or purposefully we make a little time and throw in some extra effort to be supportive and to help out. There are many ways people cry for help, some just keep trying falling over and over and others fall hard and simply give up. I think each of us has it in us to get down on one knee, listen to the moment, remain present and offer a little help.

Every single day I say, "The Power of us working together is so much greater than anything we can accomplish on our own!" I really believe that, I know deep in my heart that all of us are falling each and every day whether we can or want to admit it or not. And that little extra love, caring and effort can make a big difference for someone who has fallen.

So let's Celebrate this next FALL!

August 19th is our next event for @TheArtofActiveNetworking. I know we'll have folks here who need the help, won't you join us?


Join all our groups and pages and get involved with the 1000's of others who belong, post to the walls and reach out offering what you can to others.

You may always call me with questions, I hope you will invite your colleagues and friends and I also hope you are helping someone do a little better today no matter how much "stuff" you have on your plate.


Mark E. Sackett
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