January 26, 2013

Stuck and not sure why people just don't respond?

I just posted this in http://www.Stage32.com but it really applies to all professions!

Are you selling something here? Are you passive? Aggressive? Interested in what I and others do, or only out to "sell" yourself? Think it over. If you always and only sell...you are not going to get anywhere. There are 10,000 scripts and more ideas here, just as many grips and even more actors. All of you passionate (I hope) about your craft. Do you think I am going to call you first? ...many of them are quite good but do you still think I'm going to reach out to you FIRST? C'mon. No one cares because they are working on their own ideas, they are out to make a living too, and nothing is wrong with that. But how many of you are getting anywhere? ...I mean really making progress!

Instead consider this...What are you offering to others to help them do better? I started The Art of Active Networking http://www.TheArtofActiveNetworking.com nearly 4 years ago to change this conversation and to help you do better, and I watched thousands of people in my talks struggling, throwing cards and scripts at each other hoping for a big break! Well...I'm not buying or selling, Im helping in my own small way and yes these events distract me from my career and businesses, but they are important because building relationships and giving to others is what builds the base of a career and it's certainly what sustains a career long term.

So, are you selling or giving? Think it over! And for those of you who read this and say, 'hell he's just selling something too'. I lose money on my events...it take so much to put them on and to create the network of givers I have so far, but I am only interested in you doing better and you helping the next person and then watching that spread...and in that, we make this business and this world a better place. I'll make my money in my businesses and my career. Just like you! Tomorrow.

The power of the relationships you build here and what you do for others is a hell of a lot more valuable than any reel, deal or resume...Trust me! The sheer power of us really working together is so much greater than what we can accomplish alone.

You can learn it now or learn it the long slow hard way...Think it over, I am fine if you disagree. I'm just asking you to consider a different approach.

Now go have a killer creative day! And if I can be of help, use my networks and ask away!


Mark E. Sackett
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