April 14, 2017


The Art of Active Networking MyGive4 Mentorpreneurs and The Box SF are going to be hosting a job fair open to the public on a few upcoming Saturday's. It's time we do more to help get The Bay Area working.

1. If you are a company looking to hire employees please contact us at 415-934-6900 You will have one 6'x30" table for the entire day for $125.

2. If you are a student, employee, or are in a job search or just want to get an idea of what is available tickets are just $5 (to cover our employee costs.) JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST AT: http://www.TheArtofActiveNetworking.com

3. If you are a Mentor and would be interested in giving advice to our attendees who are looking to get hired, make a job shift etc., or you are able to offer Mentorship/Advice/Resume Building/Presentation Skills or other forms of Mentorship and or advice, you will be FREE provided you can make yourself available on a first come first serve appointment for our attendees throughout the day.

4. If you are a presenter/speaker etc., and have a 30 Minute or less presentation on any of the above skills and can offer value to our attendees please also contact us to discuss.

Please contact: Camille at CCiais@Reflectur.com and put MENTORPRENEUR/JOB FAIR in the SUBJECT LINE

We will be selecting companies quickly and promoting this heavily in the coming few weeks.

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