December 30, 2016



I have just committed thousands of my own dollars to expand "The Art of Active Networking​" in 2017! In order to afford to pay for the venues and associated production costs, I have started a Crowdrise Campaign. A donation of any amount will help me to underwrite some of these costs. Please donate here: https://www.crowdrise.com/mygive4-and-the-art-of-active-networking 

I was told once again over Christmas that I was wasting my time doing this and that I would, “Never get people to change, never get people to really care about one and other, and to practice giving before selfishness.” She went on to say that I should, “Give it all up and focus on myself and activities that make me money.” I politely told her that, "I understand, and that for me if these events help one or two people to reinvent themselves, to make a shift towards helping others, or to get out of a situation that does not serve them, then that is more valuable to me than money or self focus.”

I don’t know how you all think, I don’t know if you agree or not, hell I don’t even know if you read my emails. But I do what I think is right, and try to practice what I preach every single day. 

To that end, and for 2017 we have events scheduled now monthly in San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles and Orange County. Additionally we currently have Bi-Monthly events scheduled in Vancouver BC, Kansas City and New York City! We are also planning to expand now to Chicago Bi-Monthly and Pasadena Monthly! We will also be doing many one off events as we are invited and in cities where I am already speaking at a conference or keynote.

If you see this, please consider sharing it, if you have been helped in any way by our events please also share that. Most importantly, start your 2017 off by practicing #MyGive4 daily!

My Give 4 means being Active in your Networking and Relationships by giving to others in these 4 ways, 4 hours every week:

Give of your ideas and talent!
Give of your valuable time!
Give of your hard earned money!
Give of your network referrals!

Follow us on Instagram as THE ART OF ACTIVE NETWORKING​ and MyGIVE4​ and on Twitter as @ActiveNetworkin and @My_Give4. Join our LinkedIn Group and any of our Meetup groups here on our site, the links are next to the ticket link:  http://www.TheArtofActiveNetworking.com  You may also join our email list there!

Thank you for all you all do individually and collectively for others each day. The Art of Active Networking works because together we all know that giving trumps selling every time if you want to create powerful and sustainable relationships personally or in business! 

2017 has great possibility for us all and we need each other now more than ever.

Be Well, Be Creative, Be Great, Be Giving!

Mark E. Sackett    
President / Creative Director / Executive Producer / Director / Public Speaker

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