October 8, 2016



I am really disturbed this morning about this latest Donald J. Trump revelation and news. I have made it clear time and again that I don't like anything Trump stands for. At the start I wanted to give him a fair shot. I like many thought he was different. Then the insults, on, lies and arrogance took over.
I am now voting for @Hilary Clinton only because I will do anything to see Trump ousted from our lives. And it is NOT because I am a huge Hilary fan.
This latest video that has surfaced is beyond insulting to any Woman or Man who has basic human respect for others. It is so far from Presidential I am livid at the comments happening.
Those still defending this bastard are saying things like it's just "typical" lockerroom talk, "typical" guy talk and both dated and harmless. IT'S NOT HARMLESS! It is yet another example of who Trump is. He is a performer and says whatever he thinks will land on voters!
When a Father behaves like this he sets the example for his kids that it is ok to demean, conquer or treat Women as sex objects. That is insulting to the rest of us males who are good. He was even married at the time he tried the things he admits.
When a public figure and Presidential candidate does it it is inexcusable and an example of what kind of man wants the role of leading this country!
Women deserve better. Men deserve better. Our Children deserve better. The World deserves a better example and leader from us.
Those of you now poised to defend #Trump or attack #Clinton in response are missing the point. You do not have to love Hilary Clinton to see Donald Trump for who he really is.
America is already great, and like every country, every state, every life we have issues and struggles, we are angry, tired of politics and the nonsense, but to elect a man like this who has divided so many people, created so much hatred and who is a racist, bigot and womanizer defies logic and is very dangerous for this world.
#TrumpTapes #NoTrump

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