September 11, 2016



I am sending this to my global networks today because my Birthday was 9/9. 15 years ago today I had just arrived in San Francisco the morning before 9/11 on United Airlines Flight 93. I had just celebrated in New York for a week with friends. I changed my ticket from 9/11 to 9/10 on Flight 93 the night before because I was ready to head home a day early.

All but one of the crew that I flew with once a month were killed on flight 93 on 9/11. I should be dead as well. 

Since then, I am more aware or the power of the universe, and the power I hold as a nobody. I have a small voice, I have built this network, I am here for a reason, I am here to try my best to leave the world a better place wherever my shadow is cast. If for no other reason than I am here while others can no longer be. This network and my events, along with what I am able to do each day is the only voice I have, its the platform I choose to use.  

I am so far from perfect it’s not even funny, but every day I practice #MYGIVE4 and the ideals of “The Art of Active Networking” to do my best to help others do a little better. 

At every event I ask who is struggling by a show of hands...to this day, all hands are in the air! I was changed on 9/11. I think America certainly changed on 9/11. I also think it was the start of misguided hatred for many. We lost those we love, we rallied together and we blamed, pointed and in some ways unified, in other ways a quiet hatred and anger started. We accomplished very little in that unification, because we let our own struggles guide us to the point that we are right back where we began in many ways. Today we are back to our normal, our struggles are worse, and we habitually, point, blame, hate and divide. Why? There is nothing to be gained in that approach. We are not made of different races, religions, beliefs or situations. We are all HUMAN BEINGS. 

Today I remember all of those people we lost, I am mindful that I was supposed to be one of them. Above all I am grateful for those who have come to my events, who try to live each day by giving to and helping others do a little better. I am grateful for my life and ever grateful that I can still celebrate my Birthday in September and then remember this day each year just 2 days later. 

We  of course have events coming up this week in San Francisco tomorrow, Los Angeles on Tuesday and Orange County on Wednesday, I hope you can come. But whether you come or don’t, please do go out today and this week doing your best to help another do better, while you remember those who cannot!  

Now close your eyes, for 15 seconds of silence, and remember the 15 years that have passed since the 9/11 attacks. 

Mark E. Sackett
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