August 8, 2015


Not everyone is going to accept your ideas. Some may try to tear you down, others may try to steal them, others yet may attack you for being confidant and for loving your life out loud! Others yet will be constantly supportive, they will show up for you time and again, they will be consistent in who they are and how they think.

They will like your ideas or at least they support them and embrace what you are doing or trying to do. That positive energy propels, feeds and nourishes ideas.

I have had both the naysayers and the supporters in my life today.

Just like you, I have both in my life everyday.

And to anyone out there with a big mouth like me and the courage to try stuff and who are willing to fail miserably or plug along day after day, and year after year, because you see lights of success and the results of what you are doing I say this:

GOOD FOR YOU....I have your back, I support you and don't ever let the naysayers grab a hold of you. Surround yourself with amazing, impeccable people, positive, smart, happy people who are in your corner 24/7.

And then when the bullets, slurs, negative comments and naysayers start with their lazy assed, armchair critiques of your powerful and passionate ideas. And when their negative attitudes, and do nothing approach to life try to infect you, don't hop up on that stage with them and act out their anger, or low and limited thinking. My suggestion is to just grab your popcorn, sit back away from their stage or soapbox and enjoy the show and stay on your own and unique journey. Enlist the help of your network, your community, and your peers who believe in your dreams.

I was very lucky to have a great cheerleader in my life in Gretchen Sackett​ both in marriage, out of marriage in business and in life for 38 years. That support, that foundation and the love she showed me every second of everyday despite what we were going through is more powerful that anything anyone else could tear down and I miss it so much.

When you support yourself with souls and love like that from those you bring into your life, you can do anything you want. As I always say in my big speeches, the 4 most dangerous words in the human language are CAN'T, SHOULDN'T DON'T AND WON'T. Do your best to eliminate them from your language and replace them with positive, supportive, enabling words so that people never feel like giving up on either their ideas or on themselves.

Today is a very, very hard day and each day it gets so much harder!
Today is also a very, very good day! I am here to write this, to use all of my ideas to try to help others, to build things and to thrive and live the life I have designed for myself.

Monday and Tuesday I am blessed to continue withThe Art of Active Networking​ here at The Box SF​ a place where it all started, a place that Gretchen built with me. Come support great ideas and the awesome people who come here to share them. Then Tuesday night we'll be in Los Angeles at IgnitedSpaces​ and do it again. It will continue, and will grow, as long as I can keep putting my time and money into making them happen these events will never been torn down. If only one person shows up who we help, that's time and money well spent and a person or an idea unconditionally supported!

Maybe, you will be a part of it with us: http://www.TheArtofActiveNetworking.com

Just make sure you are not one of the naysayers. You have no business here, but if you can straighten up, even you will be welcome with open arms.

Mark E. Sackett​
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