July 4, 2015



As our highest court last week made same sex marriage the law of the land, we were discussing here at The Box SF one of my companies, and our wedding packages. We have allowed and accepted GAY Weddings here at THE BOX SF since we opened so many years ago. No it was not legal, it was the correct thing to do!

One day years ago, someone called and I answered the phone, his voice was cracking a bit and he said, "I am looking for a place to do a wedding and was wondering if you would accept us." I replied, "What do you mean accept us?", he said, "Well, we are a Gay couple and everyone is turning us away." I said, "Then screw em, not only are you welcome here, I am going to give you a discount, and we're going to make it very special for you!" He broke into tears and was in disbelief that I was being so kind. I then said, "Everyone is welcome at The Box SF provided you are not harming the earth, animals or the environment, and you are not doing a smoking event."

You see at the Box SF we see love as love. We don't need to speak about Gay Marriage and Traditional Marriage, we never have! We just like to call it "MARRIAGE"!


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