June 2, 2015


As many of you may be figuring out I am dealing with a crisis right now that effects someone whom I love dearly. I am going to attempt to keep all the balls in the air because frankly I have no choice right now because many other people are involved and count on me.

As I deal with this over the coming months I am coming to recognize a distinct difference in people and how they choose to deal with life threatening illness, crisis, death, loss, recovery and the simple shock and awe of dealing with life at times.

I am not once to really ask for help, a shoulder to cry on or for much at all. I prefer to be that shoulder for others if I can, I prefer to figure stuff out and I much prefer to just be the producer I am, meaning, here's what I need to do, here are the resources I need, here is the team, and here are the 4000 details that will need to align to make this have the desired outcome! Ready? Let's go.

I realize however that others of course deal with the exact same things in very different kinds of ways. Some want to be left alone, some turn to their version of God, (that's not something I believe in personally), some pray daily, some connect more, some want and seek advice, some are very public about their struggle others quiet and others yet are as my website suggest simply adhering to this quote:

"The key is to be like a Duck, smooth and unruffled on the surface but paddling furiously underneath!"

Whatever you might be struggling with right now, no matter what crisis you may be dealing with, know that if you want the help me and my network are here, fully unified to try to help. If you want a hug, virtual or otherwise, we're also here and if you want to deal with this in the solitude of your thoughts and actions fully alone, also know that you are surrounded with amazing, positive thoughts and curable energy. And sometimes a joke, a smile or having someone listen as you rant, cry or share is plenty of support.

We are all in some kind of struggle, it's how we evolve, how we learn, it's how we recover and how we love.

Many people I love and who are closest to me are going through their personal hell right now. I believe the Universe deals these decks to us so we can all learn from the outcomes, for me they don't need to make any sense anymore, one could go mad trying to do that. For me, I just need to know that I am able to show up in whatever way I can, to provide the most sincere value. Sometimes that may be by doing nothing except being human, vulnerable and loving!

Call someone you love tonight, check in, don't rush, be present! It might be just what is needed.

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