June 19, 2015



I just arrived at LAX to fly back to New York for our event this coming Monday night at Dallas BBQ.  2 'business men" were sitting next to me on the rental car bus to the airport, when one said to the other. "Did you go to that thing?" his colleague said "Yup...those networking events never work!"  I went on to eavesdrop for a few blocks and then said, "Hi...May I ask you both a question about the event you attended? I'm sorry but I could not help but hearing you talk about it." I said., "How many people did you both meet? And how many of the people you met did you followup with?"

All combined they met over 60+ people, they followed up with 3 of them. So naturally I was compelled to ask why they did not followup with all 60+? They said, "None of them were interested really in what we do, or cared about our pitch, so why waste our time?"

As you might imagine I had a lot to say. And I made my case for exactly why they should be following up with everyone. They were both nodding and engaged with me by the time we reached the terminal. I handed them my card, invited them this coming Monday night, and said, "I do hope to hear from you both so I can find out ways I can help you to do all this better!"

So...We shall see!

Why does this pertain to you? Because of our 608 members here, this is the least active and attended of my 8 Meetup Groups nationwide and I know from looking at your profiles that many of you would really benefit from showing up.

I'll leave your excuses to you, but if you want to do better in business, in your career, and in your relationships, maybe you will make the time for yourself and others to show up!

See you Monday night in New York! Call me with any questions: 415-602-9500

Mark E. Sackett

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