March 20, 2015



Monday night at The Art of Active Networking in NYC you are either going to meet a pile of new people or a roomful of new friends. Most of you will look at it as a pile of new people. That’s going to be your first mistake. Stop treating people you meet as faceless connections or targets for your hard sell!

You see we want more connections to help us find more business so we can grow whatever it is we do and be more successful. But what if you practiced the idea I created of GIVE 4:  Give 4 hours a week in one or all of the following 4 ways: Give of your ideas and talent, give of your time volunteering or helping someone, give of your money, or give of your network by referring others.

Once you do this you can stop all of your ineffective selling. You will have people flocking to you because you are a giver. You will build amazing relationships and friendships and you might actually see all those ‘new people’ become advocates for you!

We have had nearly 200 people attend our events in the last month in San Francisco, Los Angeles and this past Monday night in Vancouver BC. Of those more than half were first timers and I have loved watching these new friendships develop!

Join us Monday the 23rd in New York City at 5 Boro Burger at 6:30!


Tickets are always available for each event on our website until 6pm day of the event, or are available for 10 dollars more at the door until 7:30 pm. Please take a look at our Website; read the reviews; join our groups and social media pages on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter; and share this with others at http://www.TheArtofActiveNetworking.com

The power of us working together is greater than anything we can accomplish alone!

Be Well, Be Creative, Be Great!

-Mark E. Sackett
Creative Director / Executive Producer / Director / Public Speaker
Mobile 415-602-9500

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