November 21, 2014


HEY LISTEN UP MY NEW YORKER FRIENDS!  Oh heck...everyone listen up!

As we head into the Holiday's, I am working towards April and May of 2015 with my travel and production schedules and am so pleased to announce that we have a new venue for our 2015 events in New York City!

It's cool, big, beautiful and easy to get to. Gossip Bar and Restaurant on 9th Avenue between 49th and 50th is going to be our host for at least the next two events and if all goes well we will be there every month in 2015!

I'm particularly excited about this, because I own a cool venue in San Francisco called The Box SF and because we have been able to have our dates set well in advance here and because we always have the same awesome location our events here are typically 75-125 people every month!

Our New York City events are already over 50-60 but now we can grow!

And I want to connect you better with our SF meetup that is approaching 1300 people and our growing LA and Vancouver BC Meetups as well. We just had 133 people in Vancouver for our 5th event there. Just amazing! Washington DC and Baltimore are next up as is San Jose.

So our first two events of 2015 are scheduled now! Get your space reserved and save the dates on your calendar.  We are going to have some cool surprises and visitors in the new year at all our events!

But for now I am in San Francisco for the weekend and Sunday night I am headed home to NYC after 9 cities and 13 flights in the last 17 days. I plan to catch up with all of you before heading to San Francisco again on December 8th for the final event of the year at The Box SF and our Holiday and Christmas Cookie Party with complimentary Milk! YUM!!!!

I hope your Thanksgiving is spectacular! Let me know how I can help you do better. And don't be inactive practice your ACTIVE NETWORKING everyday, get in our groups and pages, post on our walls and get connected. That's all free and you have no excuses!

Le Site :  http://www.TheArtofActiveNetworking.com

Mark E. Sackett
Connect with me too: http://www.MarkESackett
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