July 31, 2014



You see I like stuff. I like life, my friends, the strangers I meet on and off line, cat videos, Instagrams, antique stores, passport stamps, music, art and movies and the scenic turnouts of life. I think we should all thrive and live large. I don't operate or exist from FEAR, negative crap, naysayers or critics. I try not to take sides, but I stand up for my beliefs and my truth. I say what I think and support what I believe. I am not afraid of what you think, what someone might think, say or do to or about me because that is a concept that stalls us. We are so damned politically correct that we stand for nothing, we have lost our respective senses of humor out of fear of reprisal.

I could never run for office because I have vocally said I do not believe in gods or religion. I support and love men and women and could give a shit who you sleep with or marry, and I don't think any religion should be so powerful as to claim a knowing of what is right and wrong and use it to kill or discriminate against another human being.

I think Women are smarter than Men...PERIOD!
I think we should stop destroying our planet.
I think we should laugh our asses off all the time.
I think we should vote most of our leaders out worldwide, they are not leading!
I think we should reclaim our creativity and stop telling ourselves we are NOT creative!
I think we should do, say, travel to, eat, listen to, speak and live our life purpose no matter what others wish we would say, eat, taste or do.

If you want to eat a fucking cow, do it, if you want to eat organic do it, if you want to smoke do it, do drugs cool, cheat on your spouse, whatever you think serves you do it, but keep it all away from me and let the consequences fall where they will. But stop telling others what to do when your own little world is a mess.

You are responsible for one person...YOU! The concept of BLAME should leave your way of thinking immediately, it ain't working' for ya!

Now you can sit and moan, complain, back seat drive, arm chair criticize or otherwise tear stuff down all you want, but your negativity, your bad attitude and your own inner voice is going to eat you alive eventually and it is NOT going to have a negative effect on us. When it finally does grab you, those of us who care are gonna look at you on that day when it's possibly too late for you and still say to you, "I'm so sorry, how can I help?" and "What can I do for you?" Do you know why? Because that's how we think, that's how we live and that's what you deserve. We all deserve to be loved, helped, cared for and healed...so stop the crap and figure out your path, stop hating, bombing, shooting, dividing and talking under your damn breath. Stop blaming your Parents, your past, your Ex, or your situation, it's bullshit and you know it. And if you have a problem with this speak up and say it out loud, not as a cowardly mumble. Stand for something, even if no one agrees with you!

No matter how bad it is for you, how bad it's about to get for you, or how low you feel, know that there are MILLIONS of people out there worse off, who do not have a tomorrow to look forward to, or who need help. Pack your crap in a nice little suitcase, and put it away with the rest of your baggage, then ask those around you..."How can I help you do better right now?"

After nearly three weeks on the road and interactions with over 500 people, it's clear that it's time we simply "LIKE" being here. Who's in?
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