June 9, 2014



I am always hoping to bring you into the fold and be a part of my growing scheme to take over the world with the act of helping others to do better. So here are four more opportunities to join us! And if we are not yet in your city let's chat about bringing it to you!  (Join all our groups and pages here for free on our website and post up what you need! Especially those of you not in one of our ACTIVE cities!)

WEBSITE: http://www.TheArtofActiveNetworking.com

NEW YORK CITY:  First off, I am proud to be speaking at TEDxFultonStreet here in New York City tomorrow with some amazing speakers! There are some powerful ideas being shared tomorrow and I invite you to come soak them up with me. I'll be presenting just before the lunch break and hope you will join us for the day. Tickets are only 100$ here: http://tedxfultonstreet.com/ if you cannot attend it will be on line in a month or so on the TED.com website! This should prove to be a wonderfully connected day of big ideas and deep inspiration!

Also this week I'll be speaking with Bill Walsh, Mark Victor Hansen, Peter Guber and others at the Inspiration2020 Success Conference here in NYC starting Friday night and over the entire weekend. Join me for this wonderful conference. I highly recommend you reserve your tickets early. I have 25 General Admission tickets available at $97.00 each (50% off the regular price). The tickets include general admission event tickets as well as access pass to the Inspiration2020 Black tie celebration on Saturday night that includes live music and an amazing fashion show.

The focus of the conference is around high level learning and fresh ideas on how to make money in today's global economy. Along with my business partner Bill Walsh we will be sharing with the audience some of the most amazing concepts to help world entrepreneurs discover the path to "MASSIVE" success.

To reserve your tickets and save 50% today visit www.inspiration2020.com/msackett and use code 9797 to make the general admission tickets only $97.00 for the entire weekend.

LOS ANGELES:  We finally have a new location for Los Angeles and our first event there in over a year will be on June 24th at 6:30pm at Crustacean Restaurant! All the info is on our site.

SAN FRANCISCO:  June 23rd will be our monthly event in San Francisco at The Box SF and again tickets are on the site!

NEW YORK:  We need a permanent location/sponsor/partner! All ideas welcome.

Spread the word to your networks! It's time for us to help more people do better and shift our attitudes from getting to giving. Over 10,000 people have now attended in three countries and ten cities, let's multiply that significantly! I'm working on our next Vancouver event, our Taiwan and London events and possibly Ireland. Fort Lauderdale and Chicago are in the works too and I am still working on a New York location that's permanent as per above! All ideas and help are welcome and please forward this email to 10 people you know and let's help even more people!

The power of us working together is so much greater than anything we can accomplish on our own.

Tickets are always available for each event on our website until 6pm day of the event, or are available for 10 dollars more at the door until 7:30 pm. Please take a look at our Website, read the reviews, join our groups and social media pages on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter; and share this with others at TheArtofActiveNetworking.com
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The power of us working together is greater than anything we can accomplish alone!

Be Well, Be Creative, Be Great!

-Mark E. Sackett
HTTP://WWW.MARKESACKETT.COMCreative Director / Executive Producer / Director / Public Speaker
Mobile 415-602-9500
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