June 13, 2014


David "Yeah-Dave" Romanelli is someone all of my contacts should know. He is a teacher, a yogi, a chocolate lover, a wine lover, a passionate and connected soul who embraces his journey everyday.  He is a soon to be Father and most of all he is a friend.

I was once again grateful to be able to spend a short bit of time with Dave this morning here in NYC. Like many people who waltz through my life from time to time, David inspires me to connect better with me, to find my true self and to move past anything that does not serve me and to learn from the things that are in or gone from my life.

I am always happy to spend time with this unexpected friend and share our lives over a cup of tea, glass of wine or lunch.

I have spent some time this afternoon after our meeting putting together a little synopsis of what incredible value I received from our visit today and I wanted to share it with you all. These thoughts can be a nice guidepost for your day and this is something I am moving toward as I continue my health journey:

No amount of action can compensate for misaligned thinking! So your attention is more important than your thought. (LOVE THAT!) Today speak and repeat a positive thought 100 times and shift your life and health! Finally, don't just say you are awesome be awesome!

Very simple, but some incredible value and wisdom within.

Finally he said he heard a Kabbalistic teaching once that really resonated for me, as it is exactly why I do THE ART OF ACTIVE NETWORKING everywhere. He said and I paraphrase: "Each of us holds a piece of someone else's puzzle."

As I am speaking tomorrow on just this subject here in New York City, this lesson is another great reminder that each of you have value to me, each of you have value to each other and as I always say at the end of every email I send, "The power of us working together is so much greater than anything we can accomplish on our own!"

So as you journey through your Friday and the upcoming weekend remember that you can help someone do better today if you want to and you might just hold a piece to someone else's puzzle that they have been searching for for a very long time, perhaps all you have to do is offer it!

For those of you in San Francisco or Los Angeles, I would love to welcome you to our events that are focused only on helping everyone in the room to do better.

San Francisco is June 23rd at The Box SF
Los Angeles is June 24th at AN | Crustacean Beverly Hills

Tickets and info as well as our free groups and walls are all on our site here:




Mark E. Sackett
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