May 2, 2014


I have many many things and people in my life to be so grateful for. My Parents and Brothers and Sister. My ex-wife Gretchen Sackett who I have never given enough credit to in life, but she is now my business partner in all I do and allows me the life I lead, by being a foundation under nearly everything I have accomplished and I am remiss daily in not appreciating her more, she is a saint! To my staff over the years some who are still working with me after over 22 years. My ex sister in law Elisa Lindenmayer who has been in my life as long as Gretchen and who helps us both so much. Friends, actors, musicians, artists and great great thinkers, who are all working to make the world more beautiful. more peaceful, more happy, more settled, more green, more passionate and more strong, we are grateful even when we slip or fail to support you in the ways we must!

To my cherished non-profits who I never think I am able to help enough. To my networkers and my network now over 10,000 strong world-wide who show up for each other daily at and through The Art of Active Networking!

To my film, music and events producing partners and to my design teams who take my ideas and make me look awesome and to those who in the form of clients have brought me into their babies, their projects and trusted me to help create or produce their visions, films, albums, brands, campaigns and life moments.

Especially to my team at @TheBoxSF, @Reflectur and at my other companies who work so hard for us.

To those who hire me to speak worldwide, and who trust that the stuff that comes out of my head, and falls out of my mouth is valuable, motivating and helpful at times.

And to myself for never giving up, lessons learned through my relatives long gone, my teachers and the very few mentors I have allowed in.

And to the children I observe everyday who remind me to never grow up and  to stay 4 years old as long as I can. Kids, despite the fact I never wanted my own, have taught me more about passion, curiosity and humor than anyone.

I am not wired like others and have know this since I was 7. Alan M. Scofield my brother in passion has reminded me of this time and again when we have discussed "My Gutter Clouds."

I'm in a big battle right now that has raged for over a decade and a half. I will not give up, I keep grateful, passionate and muster as much energy as I can for myself, my events, my life, travel, relaxation, restoration and those around me. Gratitude for me has always been an inner concept, and only recently have I found it important to share it more with all of you who matter to me.

As I learn this it comes to mind everytime I hear the music of a relatively new friend whom I met in Vancouver through Darren Jacklin. His name is Craig Addy.

Every time he plays I cry, I cry with joy, passion, loss, love and he hits my nerves in ways no one ever has.  He knows this, as I make sure he does.  Today he sent me something to heal by, I want to share it here.

Sit back and fall in love like I have! ...Again! Thank you to all of you, and today especially to Craig for your gifts to the world.

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