May 25, 2014


I was the only person on a United Airlines flight from #JFK to #SFO with enough training to help a very ill passenger this morning. Even the flight attendants did not know how to take a blood pressure and could not allow me to do it. 234 people onboard and only 2 of us with some training. I knew more than the other guy, who was also very helpful to her, but really? We quickly diverted to Cleveland where I met Paramedics and gave them her vitals from every 10 minutes from the time it occurred.

I think of all the Mother's and Father's onboard. Not knowledge of what to do! If you are a parent get certified immediately, if you are not, you never know when even this basic training could help you.

I'm thinking of at the very least hosting a CPR/Choking Certification night here at THE BOX SF, if I do who is in?

OK...getting down off of my soapbox now and going to bed as with this and my own medical treatments today for 4 hours, I'm pooped!


In 1981-1982 I wanted to become a Paramedic and went through intense training in Mission Kansas. The Fire and Rescue teams that trained me, and that training has paid off so many times over the years, allowing me to do CPR, help at major accidents and offer aid!

We just had a medical emergency on board my United Airlines flight to San Francisco. I was able to help the passenger for the last hour and a half as we diverted to Cleveland, and once again I am grateful for the training received and may go for re certification just to get up to date!

Sending good thoughts to our passenger as paramedics who met our flight are taking her off board as I write this and to John's Hopkins Medical Center!

If you are not certified in CPR/Choking and other basic medical care, please consider organizing or attending a class soon! You never know when you might be the only one on board, in the intersection, at the restaurant or in The room, able to help!


Mark E. Sackett
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