April 28, 2014


What is your impact today? It is gentle, soft and lasting? Is it powerful, aggressive and deep? Everyday we have an ability to impact those around us. We also have a the ability to impact ourselves as well as those around us in profound ways! 

This weekend I chose to have a massive impact on myself. I recognized that I had not been out of a city in almost 2 years, and I have had 9 surgeries inthe last 4 years and that while I do a great deal to repair my health, I was not doing enough to repair my head.

I ended my last relationship 2.5 years ago as it was NOT what I wanted. The family of my then partner detested me and it created so much negative energy in our relationship and too much stress. While sad, it had to end and even that took a toll on me for 8 months afterward. In that I realized how much being surrounded by negative people can pull us down. Now, I simply don't allow it.

But in going away this weekend, I had also realized that these last 6 rapid fire surgeries, and with three more starting this week, that I was emotionally sinking. I am not one to ask for help, I am one to do things on my own, my way and to muster strength, healing and calm when needed. But I was also failing once again to practice what I preach and was smart enough to recognize it!

So I disappeared, I unplugged from my phone and email. I did no social media except to at two points throughout the weekend take 15 minutes when I had WiFi in the remote parts of Northern California, to post to Instagram, (what you saw on Facebook etc was simply because the accounts are linked, I never once logged on to Facebook). And I only did that because beauty like I experienced this weekend has to be shared and taking pictures for me is part of who I am!

I also got back to me, realizing how good we are together, Me, Myself and I got along well, we explored every left turn we had the chance to take, we wandered well off the beaten path as it were, and we absorbed the people, places, sights, sounds, flavors and sips! We had many ideas, many awesome thoughts and even more moments to breath deeply on the coast of this amazing State!

I met 24 people in 36 hours, wanderers like me, interesting people, passionate people and relaxed people. Not a negative thought amongst the bunch! I talked to cows, enjoyed horses, ate oysters, tasted amazing wines, watched hawks hunt hundreds of feet above their prey, I listened to music and enjoyed total stillness, surf sounds and nature.

As my journey was coming to an end I literally did a U-Turn on Highway 1 having passed an Oyster Restaurant I had never been to, I was on my way to the one I always have gone to and decided to try one more new thing. I'm glad I did, because after lunch I wandered far down a beautiful lonely pier out over Tomales Bay. I was talking to two men when a Woman walked in, sat down with another gentleman to eat and within maybe 30 seconds looked straight at me and said, are you Mark? I looked right her and said are you Oceana? She said yes and jumped up to give me a hug. Oceana Rain Stuart and I have been on-line pals for maybe 10 years now and have never, ever once met in person! It was by far the highlight of my weekend, random, remote, unexpected and wonderful just as most of my life always is! This always happens to me and I think because I am ready and open to it. So life did just what it should, it delivered another cool person to me.

For all of the above I am grateful, and I am going to remember to not wait so long between my little detoxifying adventures in the future. I'm very, very lucky in life to not have too many toxins surround me but this journey was a special reminder of the tiny bits of buildup that need to be washed off periodically!

And now my next Surgery this Friday morning should go even better! Here we go! #HowIThrive
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