March 6, 2014



So many of my close friends know and are aware of my health battle. It's gone on almost 15 years now since I had 4 severe MRSA Staph Infections over about 10 years each time nearly killing me. There was never a reason found as to what cause me to get them because each time I was told and tested, found not to be a carrier.

The medicines I was given ravaged my body, destroyed all the good bacteria and created a cycle of horrific inflammatory response, heart problems, severe numbness in my feet, vision, cognitive and energy issues, weight gain and a myriad of problems including 24 hour a day invisible body itching.

In a nut shell I am possessed! But then many of you knew that already!

Now 135 Doctor's, Specialists, Surgeon's and Natural Healers later, I am not much further than I was. I have searched and seen Health Care Professionals in a number of states a few countries and have been constantly diligent in my search for wellness and a "cure". And for the "god" believers out there, have done as a nonbeliever my share of me work as well despite the fact i do not believe in your gods.

I have had two successful heart surgeries, been hospitalized 8 times, done EVERYTHING  I have been told, and over 60 times now have not only been awarded "Best Patient Ever" status by many of them, I have taught myself more about my body and what is going on by reading, researching, learning and absorbing everything I can than most Doctor's know, in fact I have taught a number of them a thing or two despite, unsurmountable arrogance in the medical community.

You all have come to know me as some "accident-prone" klutz and I can assure you I am anything but. (Well for the most part!)

So when I have occasionally posted here about my health related journey, you have seen only the tip of the iceberg. I remain relatively quiet about all this, yes me quiet! HA!

Today's surgery is the second of four to attempt to cure the severe peripheral neuropathy in both of my feet, yes both are almost totally numb. This procedure is designed to help it, potentially reverse it, and or at the minimum keep me from getting so much worse I am in a wheelchair in the next two years.

So as you can all imagine this is of PARAMOUNT importance to me!

The other repairing is happening with my juicing, my nutrition, my supplements and my inner self work that I NEVER share. And I may have found those solutions as well, or so it seems so far.

So I just wanted to post a relatively brief summation for everyone who is blowing up my phone asking WTF is going on with me!

I can't and won't go into the major detail here, but I just wanted to say my online and offline friends around the world rock. My nework comprised of nearly 100,000 people including my posse from THE ART OF ACTIVE NETWORKING is awesome! Thank you all!

I am basically off my feet and on ordered bed rest for the next 36 hours. So as you can imagine, I am now two hours in bed and already going bonkers. This sitting idle crap NOT for me, but if this all works out three surgeries from now in a few short months I can finally go back to the gym, lost this fat ass that has caught up to me, get back to my cardio, my workouts and my FULL life like playing my drums, which I miss so much, and who know may even take that dreaded long walk on the beach so many people seem to crave. Because with all good fortune, I will be able to feel my feet again and plant them firmly on the ground and know, this time, when they are planted, vs banging them into walls, doors, rocks and uneven pavement!

I am often amazed at my energy, my spirit, my drive and my ability to move forward. I am in AWE of those who have much more serious things going on in their awesome lives as well, because I am proud of their spirt as well and always try to be supportive.

So for me, as I always say, "The key is to be like a Duck, smooth and unruffled on the surface, but paddling furiously underneath." And now time to keep gliding on, doing my best to collaborate, help others, and make my little bit of creative noise.

We can always to anything we desire, we can always re-start. The journey always has been and always will be "THE THING!"

You ALL rock, thank you for reading. (Well assuming you did not give up at paragraph 2, I am well aware of the amount of hot air I too often release!)

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