February 24, 2014



Go out this week and make it a point to stop, reach out to someone and offer in anyway you can to help inspire, guide, lead or motivate one person to do better.

If happy with the result, repeat it again next week and by the end of the year you will have an annual legacy of giving well established. You'll have some amazing stories to share. You'll have many new relationships to enjoy, and you may just end up equally inspired, motivated and evolved!

Engage, at the very least in the conversation!

This is what we try to do each and every time we hold an event for THE ART OF ACTIVE NETWORKING and I cannot count the stories, thanks and amazing new relationships I have been able to reeve in the last 5 years since I started them.

Join us:

March 3 San Francisco, CA at THE BOX SF
March 24 Vancouver, BC at Foster Eastman Gallery
March 31 San Francisco, CA at THE BOX SF
April 8 Washington, DC at The Lookout
April 28 San Francisco, CA at THE BOX SF
London is calling sometime late Spring!
Harvard University could happen March 8th last minute!

Join our email list for your city and help me find a solid venue for Los Angeles and New York City and we'll add those cities quickly!


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