November 30, 2013


I just realized I have 80 social media pages, I don't use even 5 percent of them effectively.  I take pics of my antics, my fun, my experiences, my wounds, my surgeries, my travels, my cool drinks, my friends, and my foods...LOL.

I update my status and I link as many pages as possible.  Hell, I have even built one of my businesses almost solely using Social Media and a viral word of mouth growth concept.

What's wrong with all this?

Who gives a shit what I am eating or what I am shitting? Really?

I need to really rethink this...I do love taking pictures, recording my life as it were. I take pics of graffiti, planes, sunsets, people, concerts, art, shops, objects etc. Just because I figured out how to link some of the pages you see that crap too.  I just was looking over my Facebook page and realized everything I "pin" on Pinterest you see. Every song I listen to you hear, every place I check into you follow and every video I watch you can see too, every Tweet clogs your lives.

I am just waiting for the new toilet I read about to hit the market, every time you take a dump and the poop hits the water it tweets what you ate!


Kidding! :-0

I do believe I have over shared with you all...well off to take pics of tonight's dinner!
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