October 19, 2013


I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THIS TRIP TO VANCOUVER! Just what i needed after 50 days of my juice fast and I have such extraordinary connections in this paradise on earth! 

#Vancouver ites and most of it's it's inhabitants don't know how lucky they are.

This place is infused with a unique kind of creative spirit. 

Much the way NYC owns arrogance, pushiness and it's center of energy, finance, fashion, news and publishing, and SF owns entrepreneurship, technology and social media, or LA owns it's rightful place in entertainment, film and celebrity; Vancouver owns a unique and ramant approach to creativity that is unique.

I don't know what drives it but with people like Mark BusseLewis Evans,Craig AddySteve MynettDarren Jacklin Jason Francis, @Mark Brand, @Ajay Masala Puri (Ajay Puri), Shane Carling and so many others, I do know who leads it!
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