October 7, 2013


Each day you wake up with a choice...That choice is to have a good day or to have a bad day. Even when things go a little south you still have the choice to join in that southern slide toward misery, anger and selfishness, or you stay the course smiling, loving your life, following your passions and staying in a giving open state of enjoying your good day!

How many times a day are you at that crossroads? A good day or that turn to the bad day?

How many times a day are you challenged to stop and pick up that piece of trash, to hold a door open, to make a referral for someone, to pick up the phone and offer something you have to someone who needs it, to wipe of the toilet seat, to step over a homeless person, to pay for the person behind you in line?

I'm guessing scores or times a day we instead focus on us, we're racing, we're busy, it's someone else's job to do that, or it's simply not our problem. Or we take the attitude of "WHY?" Who cares why? Just make some effort. If you already do, make a little more because there is always more to do.

With THE ART OF ACTIVE NETWORKING, I want to try to encourage you to shift your thinking, to slow down, to reach out and to stay your own passionate course, so that you always have a great day.

I have built and will continue to build a network of givers, an attitude of sharing and caring and not ME, ME, ME!

I want to bring it to your city, and especially if you are in Kansas City, Vancouver BC, New York City, Los Angles or where this little idea started over 4 years ago in San Francisco please do come.

You'll meet a roomful of people looking to help you do better...that's it! No group hugs, no hard sell, no seminar, no woo,woo!

Our next event is October 14th in San Francisco at The Box SF
then Vancouver BC at CoLabs Communities on October 21st and if our venue gets secured October 23rd in New York City.

Our groups, pages, twitter and tickets as well as what people say about these events are all on our website: http://www.TheArtofActiveNetworking.com

Spread the word and try to come with friends, the poer of us all working together is so much greater than anything we can accomplish on our own.


Mark E Sackett
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