September 3, 2013


Apparently I am a SENIOR. Not sure if this is on my mind today because next Monday I move even closer to SERIORISM, or because three people in the last 24 hours used the term to describe either me or my experience level.

At first I was taking offense and was surprised to hear it, doing one of those look over my shoulder moves as if to find the person behind me they were really referring to. I think of Mom and Dad as Senior's but not my overly, youthful, energetic ass.

Then I realized after tossing no less than 35 direct mail invitations from AARP into the recycle bin that I would tear one of the darn things open instead of tearing it up. Well guess what, even with all the benefits that did not motivate me to accept it until United Airlines gave me a one year complimentary AARP Membership as part of my 'senior' 1K Status. I was 'opted' in to Seniordom without wanting it.

Now I am a proud card carrying, discount earning AARP Member. It's actually fun to pull it out at Movies, for Hotels and some of the other beneficial places because apparently I don't look 56. Hell I'll take the compliment and the discount any day!

I also came to realize that I work hard to speak about and offer mentorship to so many younger NON SENIORS. And that is important. People look up to experience, and no matter what experience you have you can share it in certain ways to either explain, warn, offer help, enlighten and inspire others who might want to take the same crazy path as you. But sharing is important, building relationships is important and helping others to have a little easier path is so very important.

For me this SENIOR role is one I am fully embracing. I may not be the smartest, healthiest, thinnest or youngest but I do know my stuff. I have earned my discounts and I am starting my 56th year with a fresh new SENIOR perspective on life! I have a total 6 pac buried safely under this Keg, I am full of big ideas, a massive network, the best friends and relationships on the planet and now I get 10 percent off! (Once a points whore, always a points whore!)

I had a conversation once decades ago with a man who is still a dear friend of mine. We were on a road trip and we were singing at the top of our lungs in the middle of the night and we had one of the most bizarre nights ever.Tom Palmer you remember right? And at one point I don't know if he recalls but we discussed when we might know we are getting old. I said, "I think you get old when you stop loving the music on the radio!" As soon as you cry out "Turn that crap off!" You're done! Well I might be a SENIOR but I still have the radio turned up, drum sticks in hand and the music is sweet!

And since I moved to the West Coast 26 years ago long before becoming a SENIOR, this song came to mind and was playing doing this little interlude!


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