September 17, 2013


! BOOM ! Day 19 of my all Juice Program done! 

If you had said to me a month ago that today I would have just finished 19 days on an all Raw Green Juice Diet I would have called you crazy! Now I am sitting here certain that I am out of my mind, feeling so much better, and horribly craving some Thai Food...LOL 

41 days to go with only one day planned to eat a meal due to a very special occasion I have been invited to on day 25. I am loving this! And damn shopping and clean up is easy peasy!

I honestly think if I continue, that by Christmas the old, hyper-productive, airplane loving, off the hook energetic Mark will be back in full swing, better armed and ready to love and encourage whatever this is that has gripped my health for 12 years to find a new home!

It's not going to want to be around me much longer as I will wear it out!

Time to to bounce off the walls some more!
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