May 3, 2009


I am now hosting a LIVE internet talk radio show called "BrainfoodUSA -Living a Creative Life!" on Spirit Quest Radio every Tuesday at 10pm-Eastern, 7pm-Pacific!

Please click or paste the link below to listen live at the start time on Tuesday and join in the conversation!


Thanks for reading a bit about me and my show here.

For over 30 years now, I have built the perfect creative life for myself. I live my life in a very different way than most people and I am happy out here wandering around, dipping my toe in something new all the time so I can constantly learn new things. I love soaking up new things, people and experiences. At times I have been at my high and at other times at my absolute lowest point, but what has sustained me, is my view of life and the fact that as a creative individual, I can do anything I want with the right perspective and creative approach to anything!

Years ago I came across a quote that read: “Everything has been thought of before, the problem is to think of it again!” And while I still do not believe everything has in fact been thought of before, the basic idea of that quote holds true for most of us wrestling with any problem in our life. Let’s solve the problem by ‘thinking of it again’, I call it ‘Left of Center Thinking’. So in 1994 I created Brainfood Creative Programs to help individuals, corporations and brands get unstuck.

Here I hope to let some of those ideas, and the wonder of life and things I get to do in my daily life, energize you towards the notion that you too can live a creative exciting life if you want. And if you already do, then please call in and share it with us!

I get to create, travel, explore, dine, sip and listen to and with some amazing people throughout my creative life. And the best part, I never turn it off…my job is not work, my life is my career, my non-work is work and it’s all blended together into a lifestyle and attitude that has shaped who I am. I’m not a work-a-holic, I simply thrive as me.

Please join me and my co-host Betsy Donnelly and join in the conversation!

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