November 23, 2008


Below is my response to man who chose to follow my updates on Twitter. It seems many were and still are in favor of proposition 8 and want to take rights away from my Gay And Lesbian friends. They are in support of the Mormon Church and the hate they have reigned down on California during this last election in the form of millions of dollars donated to support the passage of proposition 8 here in California. As I have said many times. I am a straight, white male. So I have no direct personal stake in the outcome of this issues nationwide. I simply think equal rights for ALL human beings is the right thing to do. I also agree with him that Hate and Violence are not the answer but also cannot excuse the fact that anyone attacked, may react in ways differently than me. And sadly it may be a human consequence of spewing such hatred at the start.


Since you have chosen to follow me on Twintter I felt the need to respond.

As you know, I am boycotting ANY business that supported YES on 8 and I'm asking you to watch this: http://tinyurl.com/3q2prx Afterwards, I would simply ask the same question as Keith did. What's all this to you?

Against it or for it...how does prop 8 and equal rights for all hurt you? It's the same question I have been asking everyone. I will say that the Christians and Gays alike who are hating and who want to take anything from another will all be judged equally one day if they believe in God correct? So perhaps it is to that gate, and that end they need to be looking first and then considering why they need to be directing the hate at all towards any group, ultimately wondering now about how that choice may effect them in the future and for all eternity.

For me? I can use my money, my own shopping choices as well as my voice to express outrage and disappointment at narrow thinkers. The world has been full of them for centuries. But like any person who thinks they are better than another because of who they are or what they believe, they at the end of the day have no power, they are nothing more than bullies. Either side of the issue applies here because it is about inequality for a human being.
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