September 25, 2008


I am grateful to each of the folks below for thinking so highly of me, our teams here and our work. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THESE REFERRALS!!!!

“Creativity in a global sense...Mark can fly into any situation in any industry and brings the highest level of creative service with quality and professionalism. Mark is not afraid to engage the services of highly skilled consultants which only benefits his clients, He is very generous with community involvement and cause oriented. Mark brings an unmatched energy you will never forget. Make sure you ask him to send you his yearly holiday wishes..real time poetry.”

-Yves P Rathle, Owner, studioYVESinc

“Mark is a tremendously talented individual with a rare capacity to bring all kinds of people together. He combines business acumen with a social conscience--and makes it work for everyone. Mark has infectious energy and ebullience--and his name on a project imparts confidence that it's well done and will reach a wide audience”

-Steve Sodokoff, Owner, Gimme Shelter

“What can I say about Mark? There is so much, how about generous, smart, ambitious and kind. Here is a man full of creativity and ideas and someone who gets things done and means what he says. I am very happy to have met and worked with Mark and not only call him a colleague but a friend.”

-Mason Rothert, Manager, Future Bars, Below Zero

“Mark embodies wit, expertise, and "flat out" genius in the field of Branding and Marketing! He is generous with his ideas and has a team that will deliver. He combines passion with a commitment for success.”

-Rachel McPherson

“Mark is a gifted creative professional who has built Reflectur into a professional, innovative, & nimble design firm with top-notch talent. Mark (and his staff at Reflectur) have been our design agency since Schwab Charitable launched in '99, producing all of our print & web executions. They worked with us to develop our initial brand & they’ve been critcial in driving the brand's evolution over time. The breadth of Reflectur’s design portfolio speaks to their abilities in using design to express an organization’s mission, culture, & character in a way that never loses its focus on the customer, and their portfolio attests to Reflectur’s ability to translate their design vision in multiple media. I’ve worked directly and indirectly with Mark for over seven years and in that time, he has consistently impressed me with his ability to think creatively & constructively about far more than design—for example, Schwab Charitable has benefited greatly from Mark’s participation in brainstorming sessions on product & service development. Mark is also just a generally good guy--I look forward to us working together in the future and I wish him nothing but success. I recommend Mark (and Reflectur) enthusiastically.”

-Christopher Geison

“Mark has tireless creative energy, which he will devote to meeting the challenges that face your business. He immerses himself into every job and strives to elevate the thinking for improved solutions. His team is extraordinary. Exceptionally creative, they also work fast, keep their humor and contribute to every conversation and brainstorm. Mark and his team are among the very best.”

-Betsy Henning, President, AHA!

“The relationship we have with Mark and his exceptional team at Reflectur is nothing short of irreplaceable. No other agency listens, responds, and produces results that consistently amaze us like Reflectur. From our web site, to our marketing identity, and everywhere in between, we are excited by the process of shaping the image of our business, something we do not take lightly. We consider Mark to be our permanent Design Partner.”

-Nick Thomas, SomaTone

“When I first worked with Mark, he had no knowledge of the financial services industry, including the products and services we needed him to design materials for. Mark was quick to understand complex concepts and his fresh ideas were a welcome addition to the project. Since the first time I worked with Mark, his agency consistently produced innovative new concepts and allowed us (the client) to decide which idea best matched our need. The end result was always a well designed and professional piece.”

-Ilyse Ball, Charles Schwab and Co. Inc.

“Mark Sackett is undeniable the strongest creative on the West Coast. His innovative vision- decisively backed with strategic rationale - is the reason so many brands lead their category. I recommend Mark Sackett and his astonishing team to anyone seeking marketing, advertising, video, collateral, graphic design services that generate immediate results. He's a rock star in my humble opinion. Thanks.”

-Betsy Donnelly

“Mark stands out as a creative and branding powerhouse. I don't think Mark would ever face a creative problem for which he couldn't bring together his enormous resources, talent and imagination to make it sing. I would hire Mark in a second.”

-Ellen Brook

“I'm a freelance copywriter who's been partnering with Reflectur and Mark Sackett for over a decade; Mark is clearly one of the best creative directors in the Bay Area. The guy is brilliant. I love working with the design team at Reflectur, because they make my words look so good.” February 23, 2008

-Stefanie Marlis, Principal, Stefanie Marlis, Writer

“I met Mark a few years ago, and I am amazed by his since of style, grace, and ability to manage a successful multi-media company in many markets. He was a pleasure to work with and for, we have kept in touch over the years and built a strong friendship and working relationship. I highly reccommend his creative and visionary expertise on your next project!”

-D'Angelo Thompson, Owner/President, Esthesia Productions, Inc.

“When Mark became one of my agency clients 20 years ago he was a rising star. Over the years I have watched Mark become one of the brightest stars in the business and recently I've had the opportunity to experience being one of his clients. In both cases I have found Mark to be an energetic and effective problem solver who cares passionately about producing exceptional creative work that drives business results. Mark loves what he does and it shows.”

-Ceci Bartels ceci@nakedbranding.com

“Mark never stops. The quintessential entrepreneur and creative. We worked together on the Sprint account and have known each other for close to 20 years.”

-Russ Widstrand, Owner, Widstrand Photography

“Mark is one of the most creative designers that I have ever known. His highly detailed and finely crafted work can be seen in a very diverse range of products, posters, architectural signage, corporate identity and advertising. Mark is fun to work with and a constant font of ideas!”

-Jonathan Pearlman, Owner, Elevation Architects

“Have Mark, will travel. He does everything well...and with great charm and enthusiasm. He has vision, creates concepts, designs, produces, publishes, and manages to share his ability to hear, see, feel, speak, and taste 'the original' ! His clients stick to him like hot glue."

-Lisa Cleff

“Mark is an intensely creative leader who thinks out of the box to deliver clients fresh, breakthrough programs. He leads a very committed organization. I highly recommend his company.”

-Karen Snow Hawkins

“Mark Sackett and his team have been outstanding business partners, and provided top-quality creative services across a broad spectrum of projects: collateral, brochures, web content & design, direct mail, to name a few. Their concepts, designs and execution have been fresh, creative and professional.”

-Rick Hood

“I had the pleasure of working with Mark as a producer on the film A Life's Work. He handled all of the marketing for the film and did an outstanding job. He was creative, affable and extremely organized. I'd work with him again in a heartbeat.”

-Jeffrey Reddick, Owner, Red Dawg Productions

“Hi highly recommend working with Mark. I have had the pleasure of working with Mark and his team on numerous projects, since I joined Schwab in 2000. Over the many projects, Mark and team have proven themselves to be extremely creative and very flexible business partners, consistently exceeding expectations. Not an easy task given how quickly things change within Schwab.”

-Steven Greenwell, Director, Product Management, Charles Schwab

“Mark creativity and insight is astounding. His work with me on logo development for film production made the difference for us in achieving marketing goals.”

-Kermit Johns, Managing Partner, Johns & Sexton LLC

“I've worked with Mark on some very large projects and can attest to his incredible creative and communication abilities. He's also earned my great respect as one of the most compassionate men I know. I'm grateful to know Mark and highly recommend him.”

-Mark Busse, President-Elect, VP Branding, Society of Graphic Designers (GDC) BC Chapter

“I've known Mark for a couple of years and he is a person of integrity who always follows thru with his commitments. He hosts charity events in SFO and is a great civic contributor. I've met a few of his clients at various dinners and they appear to be raving fans.”

-Patrick Booher, Director - Subscription Project Mgmt, Autodesk

“I've known and have worked with Mark and his team for the past 5 years. His design firm, Reflectur, creates quality work in a timely manner and has been great to work with throughout the years!”

-Amy Archer, Marketing, Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving

“Mark is resourceful, creative and solution oriented. I have been a client as well as a consultant to his business. Mark is a visionary business leader and is always focused on the value to his clients and performs with quanifiable results.”

-Andy Larsen Business Intelligence Lean Six Sigma, Manager New Business Development, Sierra Scientific

“I've had a great experience working with Mark on several projects in San Francisco at Reflectur/Sackett Design. His talent and big idea thinking has truly been an inspiration and has helped me develop creatively.”

-Ramon Leander, Art Director, Reflectur, Sackett Design Associates

“Mark is one of the most innovative and creative people I know. He designed the artwork for my last album which resulted in a Grammy nomination for me. He is intuitive and dedicated to his clients and in addition is a wonderful human being.”

-Grant Taylor, Owner, Grant Taylor Studios

“Reflectur/Sackett Design handled my company's branding, print ads, forms, stationery, and all marketing and merchandising collateral for three years. Mark and his team connect the dots that you didn't know were even there. His creative vision combined with extraodinary energy and commitment to your success is unparalled. His team ensures that every project is well executed and delivered on time.”

-Margot Tohn

“Since 1998 I've worked with Reflectur/Sackett Design on many projects ranging from brand ideation to simpler design programs. Sackett's team are highly professional, have tremendous integrity, and always over delivered on what was agreed or expected. Don't hesitate contacting me if you have more questions. mark.matheny@globalbrandsgroup.com”

-Mark Matheny, Global Brands

“Mark has a terrific spirit, great designer and is always there with a reference, advice, or whatever is needed. A cool guy.”

-Jeffrey Yerkey, Owner, Charette Communication Design

“Mark and his team did a great job taking our initial company logo, strengthening it and expanding it into a corporate identity that I am proud of.”

-Darryl Anderle, FunnyBoy Films

“I was a Hired Gun who has worked with Mark at his studios on a number of occasions. We brainstormed together, and Mark, provided intuitive Creative Direction, a strong personal vision, and a refined sense of taste to the proceedings. Mark is an enthusiastic designer who always found a way to guide our group toward imaginative solutions, and I look forward to working with he and his team again.”

-Michael Brunsfeld

“Mark is an extremely creative, dedicated designer and humanitarian. As an Adivisory Board member of our non-profit agency, he's provided new, creative ideas and provided resources in both design and fundraising arenas. I have the utmost respect and admiration for him.

-Ken Henderson, Executive Director, REAF

“I highly recommend Mark. He is a smart, caring, creative leader. You will be lucky to work with him.”

-Eric Edwards

“Mark is a creative powerhouse and a passionate partner in any project he works on. He is an inspiration to do business with, as his professionalism, energy and dedication to producing the best result each time is top notch. His creative ideas are endless and ingenuitive - it is a pleasure to consistently interface with Mark on different types of creative projects and rely on him and his team.”

-Kane Minkus, SomaTone

“With pleasure and respect,I give my fullest endorsement to Mark. Knowing Mark for 8 years,I find him dynamic in business,life & community involvement.It has been a pleasure to sit on the Advisory Board of REAF with him and his fund raising ideas have always been stellar. Mark is a true Gentleman whose heart is as big as they get.With All Sincerity,

-Stephen Valentino Chairman & Founder SYR Inc.

“Creatively, Mark is always true to his vision while remaining open to ideas from others working on a project. He provides the type of confidence and ethusiasm that is highly contagious. I always feel extremely motivated and driven when working with Mark. As a business person, Mark never leaves things unchecked and always delivers a project as he initially promised.”

-Robert Cardin

“You need travel no further than Reflectur/Sackett Design's website to see the depth of their experience and their ability to deliver. I highly recommend Mark and his team for any project you're willing to undertake. Awesome talent!

-Tom Iselin

“Mark Sackett: A truely generous, creative and inspiring businessman.”

-Liisa Hiltunen, Owner, Straight Talk

“I've worked with Mark Sackett and his design firm, Reflectur/Sackett Design, for many years. Mark deliver's excellent creative execution that is always driven by a thorough understanding and appreciation of our business strategy.”

-Michael Smithwick, Schwab Chairitable

“Mark is quite simply one of most creative, inspiring, dynamic people I know. Be it through music, visual design, film, or what ever he applying himself to, Mark has consistently provided critical input, ideas, and leadership and deserves credit for the success of his endeavors. He is an inspiring person of ideas and character.”

-Nick Thomas, SomaTone

“I've been lucky to be the writer on a number of projects with Reflectur/Sackett Design. To work with Mark is to receive wonderfully charged and enlightening creative direction. Smart, savvy, soulful...that's Mark Sackett.

-Stefanie Marlis, Principal Stefanie Marlis, Writer

“Reflectur/Sackett Design was instrumental in taking my business identity to the next level. Mark and his team directed my style into ads, business cards, signage and internet. If my business card is weak or the sign on the window isn’t perfect- who is to think anything else about my business will be. I am grateful for the work they’ve done."

-Debbie Dusenberry, Owner, http://www.curioussofa.com
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