August 29, 2008


I received and email last week where I was invited to submit my resume and references to work in red states by the Obama campaign. I am considering if I have the 5 weeks to do this. But here is a concern and my thoughts that I think all Democrats need to hear, especially the most passive and confident ones. I hope you will consider posting this on your Blog too, as I was saddened to hear in the post Denver conversations how many Democrats think this is now sewn up. That attitude lost us many elections and put us here right now. In the last 24 hours I have heard 8 Democrats across the country sit down and say well we won that. As if to say it's over, we are on top!

I don't care what you think about the war, abortion, my gay friends and brothers, your wallet, your right to carry guns or our crime in the streets. How can anyone honestly look at the end of the Clinton years and all the good work he did and now look now at the approaching end of the Bush years and actually think in any possible way we are better off?

Forget party lines, forget all the negative advertising, forget about skin color and military records. Look at these two men side by side, Obama and McCain, both good men but dramatically different politics and belief structures, then ask yourself who you want at the helm for the next four years.

If McCain is elected our Constitution will be worth less than the paper it's inked on. We will be bankrupt morally and financially and our global reputation will be so tarnished that no party will be able to repair it. We are nearly there now. But you can bet Iraq will be richer than they are now! And we will be less secure at home and abroad.

When it comes time to vote, historically Republicans decide in the pews on Sunday and they are quiet and (conservative) with their opinion, many Democrats decide much the same way in this country and are more vocal about our disappointments. But historically Republicans also go out and vote in numbers and Democrats more typically than not sit at home wondering why they lost still very vocal and full of complaints. If you do not think this is true go look at the last election. If you want it changed, get out and change it. If you want more of the same, then sleep in on election-day and let McCain sweep this thing. I know in this forum I am speaking to the engaged and the enraged. But, we live in a deep political pocket here in California, I live half in San Francisco and half in Los Angeles and because I am a Director/Producer/Creative Director, I am often in Texas, Kansas, Missouri, New York and North Carolina...I scout and shoot in Wyoming, Montana and Utah as well as Nevada and we do not have this sewn up by far! And folks, you can all be really proud of our speeches and be energized but only one moment counts in this election and that is when you and those YOU are able to convince to vote, go out and actually pull the trigger for Obama/Biden on election day. And at that moment, the speeches, the hope and the knot in all our stomachs will not matter if they are not elected.

In the last election they spent millions on the "Rock the Vote" registration campaign...for all the newly registered 'young' and 'first-time' voters they registered, especially Democrats, on election day they determined that despite spending millions that the actual youth vote in this country barely increased from the 4 years prior. Youth could care less, they don't think it matters or that they can really influence true change. They do not care. We need to get them to care, we need to help them understand that it does matter and that it matters for reasons important to them.

So if Democrats want to count on our newly energized youth vote....I say, "Good luck with that". Unless....unless we can convince them to act, to show up on election day and make the right decision.

We each count as one, and only one in November. Personally I am voting for Obama/Biden, I am sure you are as well. I am sad to call myself an American when I leave this country right now. Frankly, I am scared to even leave the country right now because Bush and this administration has created such hatred around the world towards America, and you know what? We deserve much of it!

So forget party, forget color and forget all the noise you are being fed, and vote for real change because we cannot survive four more years of this crap! But most importantly, get off the couch because we cannot as a party or as believers make noise now and think that effort will sustain us on election-day. As Democrats we have made that mistake too many times.

I'm in. Tell me what else to do. Post and Blog on your Facebook, MySpace and Linked-in pages. Put up window and yard signs, speak out in public and at dinner. Speak to those who do not believe. And speak with facts, passion and truth. Not anger!!!! Barack gave the speech of his life in Denver, he stood up, articulated what he intends to do and went after McCain for the right reasons in the right way. Echo that...embrace that and each of you build an army of 1000. In that way and in that way alone we will win this.

My best to all of you and my hope that I will meet you during this historic battle. I have not felt like this since I first heard Bill Clinton speak, I knew then that we had a politician who was able to make real change in Washington. This is the start of the next 8 and hopefully a much longer Democratic run in America!

But please don't stop the fight and don't think this is over until we have voted!

-Mark E. Sackett
President/Creative Director/Executive Producer
Reflectur/Articulation Films/Republic of Sound and Stage 24
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