February 10, 2021

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January 20, 2021


A word about Mentorship and Support for the Creative Arts! For many years now my Parents have given me a Cross Pen and Pencil Writing Set for Christmas. I know well that they have not always understood exactly what I do as a Graphic Designer, Art Director, Producer or Director. It used to bother me, I perhaps was not good at articulating it to them. What I do know is this: At 63 years old, I am loved, and they have supported every nutty idea I’ve ever had. Even when I would try things, wander off here to California, pursue my passions, dreams, ideas and hobbies! They got me Drum lessons when I wanted to learn, I still play today.

My Dad built me a Darkroom and Art Studio by hand in the basement when I was in High School. He and his Aunt, my Aunt Noni sketched beautifully, and I am still inspired by those Drawings today. When I started dumpster diving at the age of 12 to see how many different Beer Cans and Liquor Bottles I could find, my Parents built me some Shelves in my Bedroom to display them, provided I washed them out! After moving out after College, my Dad continued collecting Beer Cans and has amassed an incredible well known and extremely valuable collection!

My Parents did not have a lot of money, my Dad worked installing and repairing Telephones for Southwestern Bell and later PBX Systems when they became @att My Mom typed College Papers for College Students, charging by the page! She was wicked fast and accurate. She was also a Proof Operator for local Banks, with the fastest and lowest keystroke errors of everyone! They both worked hard to support their 4 Children, with me being the oldest.

I just pulled out my latest Cross Set as I begin sketching designs for @picpocketwearables my newest idea and way to hopefully survive this financial disaster caused by the Pandemic. I snapped this picture for 2 reasons. One to tell you this story, but more importantly for you to encourage and support creativity in your own life, in the lives of your Children and anyone you can. Support matters in all forms, encouragement matters to growth! And for me, living a Creative Life and making a living from my ideas has given me a dream life indeed. 👨🏻‍🎨❤️❤️👨🏻‍🎨 -MARK E. SACKETT

President, Founder CEO at Reflectur, TheBoxSF.com , TheArtofActiveNetworking.com , BrainfoodUSA, Reflectur.com , Articulation Films, #MYGIVE4 and PicPocketWearables.com